I am a Florida born Indian girl, who desperately wants her children to learn Hindi and Gujarato and be knowledgeable about her culture. Unfortunately, I will never be ble to teach her as much as my parents taught me! In an effort to start getting her famililar with the language, I have created this video to teach her the Hindi alphabet and have fun at the same time! For months, the only way I could get her to eat was by showing her the video while I fed her! Now she recognizes most words in the video and is getting better with the letters themselves.

I figured there are others in the same position, so I have put the video up here for free - in case any of you would like to show it to your kiddos as well. Enjoy!

Just click on the above link to download the full 23 minute video. Each letter has a sound and picture and/or animation to help your children really remember it. The video can be downloaded and then played on any laptop and most mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and more!). If you would like to buy Hindi or Gujarati flashcards for kids, please visit my Etsy site: STAY TUNED for a gujarati video coming soon!


made by: Subha Airan-Javia